Ahem...Where's the Vinyl?

If you've perused this site, you may have detected our love of records, our desire to bring you the best music our artists have to provide, our concern about streaming music and perhaps a hopefully forgivable hint of superiority about what constitutes good taste in general. So you probably moved fairly quickly into asking, "where's the vinyl?" Surely a label as obscure, snooty and niche as Fool's Errand must be brimming with rare and collectable picture discs and one-off 7-inches. Well, you clearly live in an alternate universe where the underdog possesses a limitless budget, like those old movies about single librarians or fifth-chair oboe players who live in penthouse lofts on Manhattan Island. 

To be completely honest, we're a cheap outfit at the moment. We hope to release several vinyl records in the future, but frankly, given the enormous cost of vinyl and the backlog of orders due to increasing demand on a finite number of old presses, we must relegate our vinyl sales to the glorious, uncharted future - one of our favorite places to live. The fastest way for Fool's Errand Records to sell vinyl is for you to buy our download albums as quickly and in as large volume as possible. We are not greedy. Our plan is to re-invest our earnings into releasing select albums on vinyl. In addition, we will be offering pre-order sales soon.