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Delve deep into what surely is one of the most instantaneous of heavy psych soon-to-be-classic tracks, "Foundation's Edge" from Plastic Overlords off the recently released masterpiece, Surrender, Capricorn!

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    Foundation's Edge

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Foundation's Edge

Tell us what you think of this hot slice of psych - a hit or a miss?

This month's slice of virtual hot wax is "Try a Little Love on You" - a clear homage to 70s soft rock by the appropriately named "Soft Focus." Soft Focus was a short-lived group composed of Plastic Overlords' front man David Noel and Eric Hand, the Overlords' original guitarist. Noel and Hand are known for their rocky relationship over the years, but their chemistry is undeniable. One of the world's truly great guitarists, Hand delivers a beautifully tasteful guitar on this Noel-penned love song. More than a little derivative of Fleetwood Mac, yet we felt it somehow works on its own. What do you think?